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Helping Out People Environments 

Thanks our dedicated healthcare workers for their loyalty & support! 



All About  Helping Out People Environments

Helping Out People Environments was founded August 2009 by Jimese Lightfoot and Michael Washington. Jimese and Michael believes in treating all adults with developmental disabilities with the same rights, ambition, opportunities and responsibilities as other citizens. With this vision it will give our individuals the opportunity to experience life in its fullness. Helping Out People Environments always welcomes new ideas. We are here to provide support for all or our individuals endeavors, increase individual’s strength, intellectual abilities and provide adequate care for future independence.

Helping Out People Environments believes it is critical that services, supports, treatment and care respect the vision of the individual. 

Helping Out People Environments will incorporate this belief and practice into its service delivery to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in living a positive and meaningful life.

Working Together, in Our Communities

Helping Out People Environments has been accredited by The Council on Quality and Leadership since 2010 and is licensed through the Georgia Department of Community Health’s Healthcare Facility Regulation Division


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